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The Flexiva DAX™ transmitters deliver high-quality, solid design in the 1-6kW range.

Accurate digital signal reproduction with low bit error rate is essential to maximizing digital coverage. That is why our engineers specifically designed Flexiva DAX transmitters to not only deliver exceptional linearity and bandwidth but to also deliver the cleanest analog sound in this power range and provide the most accurate reproduction of the HD Radio signal in the low power ranges.
Flexiva DX™ family — made up of the DX 10, DX 15 and DX 200-2000 kW solid-state AM transmitters — will stay on the air no matter how demanding the broadcast needs. Hundreds of broadcasters have benefited from the superior performance and reliability provided by patented digital amplitude modulation. Flexiva DX transmitters provide unsurpassed audio performance, improved coverage, simple operation, the lowest cost of operation and the highest reliability of any medium-wave transmitter. Extensive options are available to tailor the Flexiva DX system to facility needs, including both air- and liquid-cooling options.
The Flexiva 3DX™ family — comprising 25, 50 and 100 kW models — provides exceptional performance, efficiency and peace of mind.

Flexiva 3DX digital, solid-state AM transmitters features Direct Digital Drive (3D) technology, which provides a host of capabilities and benefits, including elimination of the RF driver section. This enhancement results in simpler design, greater efficiency and improved reliability — ultimately reducing operational costs. In addition, comprehensive diagnostics, which show exactly how the transmitter is performing at all times, along with hot-pluggable power amplifier (PA) modules and unprecedented redundancy, make all three models of the Flexiva 3DX family exceptionally easy to service.