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Modern, Efficient, Digital/Analog High Power
Nautel invented the modern solid state broadcast transmitter over 40 years ago. Five generations of transmitter design know-how have been applied to the NX Series resulting in the most modern and reliable high power transmitters available today.

Choose from surprisingly compact standalone transmitter designs with outputs of 3 to 50 kW.

Outputs of 100 to 2000 kW are also available.
Single phase 3 to 6 kW are also available.

Nautel Innovation:

AM precorrection, unmatched linearity
Industry’s top efficiency: up to 88%
1.8 MHz direct digital modulation
Powerful AUI web control
17? intuitive touch screen interface on 25/50 kW
100% remote web access to the user interface
RF and audio spectrum analyzer
Trimode: Analog, HD Radio, all DRM modes
The new standard in compact AM design
AM: NX Series 1 – 50 kW
The J1000 transmitter provides excellent functionality and flexibility for 1 kW applications. The advanced PDM modulation correction and automatically adjusted power supply operation voltages yield low distortion figures from 10 watts to 1100 watts. Direct digital synthesis technology ensures a pure and stable RF carrier frequency that can be interfaced to a GPS reference.

The transmitter features a simple bandpass RF filter network with ferrite tuned inductors. A frequency synthesizer with dialup frequency selection, allows quick tuning to a new carrier frequency. With its compact size and ease of frequency change, the J1000 is an ideal solution for a mobile back up transmitter.
AM: Compact 1 KW - J-1000