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Nautel’s VS Series FM transmitters are unlike any other.

Industry first innovations such as IP audio, Livewire and Shoutcast support, audio backup, advanced control and optional Orban Inside.

Easy upgrade path to digital broadcasting.

Outputs of 300 W, 1 kW, and 2.5 kW.

Outstanding value with big transmitter features in a compact box.
Meet the NVLT Series for analog/digital FM broadcasting.

Proven NV Series Architecture
Highest Efficiency in its Class: 72%
Intelligent VS Series Features
Exceptional Value
Easy path to HD Radio™ operation
Based on the proven NV Series architecture, they’re built tough with integrated direct-to-digital exciter(s), parallel power amplifiers, parallel power modules and switching power supplies.

With the unmatched intelligent features of the VS Series including Nautel’s local/remote AUI control system via Ethernet the NVLT Series helps you save time, save trips and save money.

Each design is optimized to offer the features you want without the extra cost for external combiners, exciters, control systems, instrumentation, or system rack.

Add the highest efficiency in their class and the NVLT Series packs more value than any comparable transmitter.